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The Turkish Government spares no effort to slow down the process of division of the country…

August 5, 2011

The end of July was really hot, and not only by weather means, but also in the political area. On July 23 the most peaceful country of Europe – Norway, which seems to be out of the political processes taking place in that part of the continent, was shocked by terrorist attacks which were a specific expression of protest against migration and spread of Islamic influence in the Europe. And that served as a basis of anti-Islamic movement throughout Europe, which has been restrained for a long time.

And along with those developments we witnessed another process, but already in the Eastern part of Europe – in Turkey itself. The Monday events ( put an end to the era, when the army could put conditions or even shift the elected leadership.  After the head of the country’s armed forces resigned last week along with commanders of the army, navy and air force, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan got an opportunity to appoint those generals who are more reliable, fully changing the path of the secular Turkey.

Now you can ask what is the connection between these two developments? Some will probably say, that this way, and also announcing that Turkey will investigate the facts of violation of the rights of the Muslims and the raise of Islamophobia in Europe, as well as open confrontation with the EU and Israel – all these are steps aimed at the establishment of Turkey’s role as center of the Muslim world.

May be, it is just your opinion that has a right to be be voiced.

But at the other hand it could be interpreted as a step of the Turkish government to prevent the division of Turkey (taking into consideration also the activation of the Kurdish factor in the region :/ ).

However, we should not be so ignorant to one more fact – it is the Manifesto of the person responsible for the attacks in Norway – Anders Breivik’s “2083 A European Declaration of Independence” which at once got a support all over the Europe and became a new ideological basis for the extreme groups. And let me just mention one part of that book concerning Turkey:

Turkey became secular after Mustafa Atatürk, by military force, implemented his harsh reforms 90 years ago. The result? The Shariah lay dormant for 70-80 years. As soon as it was practically possible the former ‘dormant’ devout Muslims resurfaced and the Islamist alliance won the last election. … The reason why Atatürk failed is because Islam is extremely resilient, in fact more resilient than most people can comprehend. …  So Europe should wage war on Turkey to re-Christianize Eastern and Western Anatolia and the northern part of Cyprus.

These are just words written by a Marxist who is to be blamed for the killing of representatives of his own nation, but at the same time echoes of these words all over the Old Continent prove that extreme developments are already on in Europe as there should be some new changes.

So maybe Turkey just undertook a panic act, I don’t know, but one can state that the process have been already launched and we will see new Caucasus region even earlier than everybody expected..


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